Bid / Project Timeline

an example of a projects timeline can be found at our download pages under "How-we-do-business" (PDF).

For us to make a binding offer, we require DIN-compliant technical drawings (2-D and 3-D), if possible as a CAD file with all the necessary information, as well as the desired batch sizes and annual quantities.
Please inform us of any particularly critical functional dimensions, special materials or special requirements. In addition, we require a fixed project name as well as unique drawing numbers. Please also note our "RFQ check list" (PDF).
If you do not possess any CAD drawings or 3-D models, we will be glad to create them for you at an economical price. We would also be glad to digitally convert old drawings into CAD formats. G.W.P. has its own CAD center to do this. 
We are willing to sign such an agreement concerning the nondisclosure of information of any kind. However, you should first submit an initial request to determine whether collaboration is worthwhile. Sensitive data can be provided after it is that probable that we will prepare a bid.
Your sole contractual partner and contact is G.W.P. AG in Germany. The highly competent team in Berlin is responsible for all technical and business needs. All oral and written correspondence can be conducted either in German or English.
Send us your queries, orders, and all other correspondence to our Berlin marketing office, ideally by e-mail at:
Attachments of up to 10 MB are possible.
First we need to review your query for completeness (drawings, required information). If any information is missing, we will quickly contact you. Then we will review the project for feasibility, process stability and manufacturing capacity, and will obtain offers from qualified suppliers and contractual partners if necessary. We will then prepare a detailed and binding offer on this basis. You will usually receive our bid within 10 days.

That depends on the manufacturing process, the materials, the part, and the amount of finish work. Diecasting becomes economical starting at a batch size of about 300 pieces or 500 kg; plastic injection molding becomes economical starting at about 1,000 units or 25 kg.
For lathed or milled parts, the minimum number of units is approximately 3,000 units for small parts, approximately 1,000 units for medium-sized parts, and about 100 units for large parts. The minimum number of customer-specific aluminum extruded profiles depends on the profile, but it is usually about 200-300 kg per profile.


We use our rapid prototyping service for very small batches. At present, we offer the procedures of metal lasers sintering, selective laser sintering, stereolithography (SLA), as well as all machining processes and wire eroding (EDM).
Our bid is binding for 15 days, and we can agree to longer binding periods depending on the project. If the situation regarding raw materials is problematic, we retain the right to adjust prices at short notice.
Once we receive your e-mail, we will automatically send you a short status message. Usually, we contact you within the next two days to inform you about the status. In response to queries, you will receive either a bid or rejection after they are reviewed. After an order is submitted, you will receive an order confirmation with all of the relevant information. If this does not occur, please call our G.W.P. team at +49 30 757744-0 to find out if your query or order has been received. To prevent the duplication of records, please do not send us a second copy of your order without identifying it as such.
Delivery Time
After confirmation of the die or mold drawings, it will take about 30-40 days to create the die or mold.
After the die or mold is built, we need about seven workdays to test the die or mold, produce sample parts, prepare sampling test reports and ship the sample parts.

After the customer confirms the model and orders the series, series production commences. The delivery deadline depends on the product and number of units and will be communicated to you in the order confirmation.
For sea freight from Zhongshan, it takes 30-35 work days ex factory depending on the target port. Shipments by air will be received within 7-10 days. G.W.P. will inform the customer about the shipment and any provided tracking/AWB number. G.W.P. will monitor transportation of air and sea freight and will handle the shipment directly to the customer if desired.
G.W.P. has global procurement resources and its own manufacturing facilities in China. Currently, labor costs in China are about 90% lower than those in the West. The industrial sector and tooling in particular is now well developed in China. Global sourcing allows advantages such as lower labor costs or more work hours per period which are counterbalanced by additional costs and risks. G.W.P. is capable of producing very economically, especially in manufacturing processes that are labor and equipment-intensive. We pass on the cost advantages to our customers.
There are various possible reasons. The most typical are:
  1. The amount of tooling for the requested manufacturing procedure is very low, or the amount of required finishing is low. G.W.P. specializes in small to medium-sized batches that are tool or labor-intensive. We can and do not want to compete with highly automated suppliers who produce millions of items.
  2.  Instead of the required functional dimensions and requirements, you indicated more demanding requirements (such as tighter tolerances) than are actually necessary as a precaution. G.W.P. calculates higher prices for such requirements since we guarantee the quality offered to our customers. 
No, G.W.P. is not an agent. We have our own manufacturing facilities that operate to German standards, and we have our own purchasing office with quality assurance engineers who are qualified to continuously monitor suppliers on site.
We use a variety of processes that offer the tailored production of entire assemblies. G.W.P. offers its customers a high level of service – quality and service are necessarily reflected in an appropriate price. When reviewing the bid, note our low overall costs (total cost of ownership). We offer service throughout the entire production process.

Because you have no way of ensuring quality on the other side of the globe. Because you will have to deal with unanticipated supply bottlenecks from Chinese suppliers over whom you have no influence. Because cultural differences between Europeans and Chinese can endanger the success of your project. G.W.P. has years of experience and operates in-country. and can therefore be responsible for the entire process and quality assurance.

It all depends on whether you want to assume the risk of buying directly from China. 


Based on experience and familiarity, many customers manufacture their products using materials and production methods that satisfy the highest level of quality. However, this procedure does not always yield the best combination of required quality, satisfactory price and desired delivery date. – This is where G.W.P. can come to your assistance as a manufacturing service provider that works with a range of manufacturing methods: We can suggest alternative materials or manufacturing processes and thereby optimize price and quality. For example: A lathed part becomes a diecast part, or an aluminum part becomes a plastic part.
If not otherwise specified, diecast parts are subject to polishing and the barrel finishing process, and plastic molded parts come without sprues/runners or flash. If special customers specifications are provided, the price may include the appropriate finishing procedure. The bid price includes standard GWP packaging. Any import or export duties are already included in the price.
Our bid price includes three samples for die or mold approval and their express delivery. We will invoice additional samples based on time and expense.
Our payment conditions are as follows: 50% of the cost of dies and molds due with order, and 50% due upon the delivery of the first sample. For series production: Net payment is due immediately. If a customer's credit limit is exceeded, payments must be made in cash or by means of other securities (payment on account).
Dies and Molds
The service life of a die or mold always depends on the manner in which the die or molds is used and the wall thickness of the part produced. G.W.P. specializes in small to medium-sized batches and can offer very attractive mold and die prices. The service life for a diecasting die is 50,000 to 80,000 shots for aluminum and about 100,000 shots for zinc. Molds for plastic injection molding can easily be used for about 400,000 shots. We guarantee the quality of the molds and dies for five years.

Depending on if the mold or die is designed for one shaped part (1x1 cavity) or two equivalent shaped parts (1x2 cavities) or two different shaped parts in one mold or die (1+1 cavities), the possible part yield can be higher (1x2 cavities), or the mold or die costs for different parts can be reduced by combining the parts in a single mold or die (1+1 cavities). The possible combinations are dictated by the size of the part, the required tolerances of the part, and the maximum possible die or mold size. If the tolerances are tight, individual dies or molds are generally recommended. The tooling costs can be substantially reduced by planning the die or mold.

Here are a few examples to illustrate:

1x1 cavity – one molded part in a single die
1x2 to 1xN cavities – one molded part several times in a single die
1+1 cavities – two different molded parts in a single die
1+1+1 cavities – three different molded parts in a single die
1x2+1x1 cavities – two equivalent parts plus another molded part in a single die
4x2 cavities – for different molded parts with two cavities each in a single die
2x4 cavities – two different molded parts with four cavities each and a single die


Normally, changes can always be made at a later time. It is however better to plan changes beforehand so that the tools can't be suitably adapted. Subsequent changes can reduce the life of a mold.
G.W.P. can change the molds and dies very quickly and flexibly on site. The delivery time for subsequent samples after the customer has changed the design is at least seven days ex-factory.
No. Due to the different standards between Europe, the United States and China, this is not possible. In addition, in our experience it is not recommendable to transfer molds or dies to China for reasons of cost (transportation insurance, warranty problems, etc.). We would be glad to prepare you an offer for the manufacture of a die or mold and molded parts.
While we are producing the molded parts, the dies or molds are at our production facilities or those of our contractual partners. Once the molds have been completely paid for, they are then owned by the customer.
You can then pick up the molds at any time. The molds are manufactured for use in China, correspond to Chinese standards and therefore cannot be used in Europe without some alteration.


At its own production facilities in Zhongshan, G.W.P. guarantees German standards for quality, production planning, employee management and occupational safety and thereby maintains deadlines and high-quality products.

Our foundry engineers who specialize in individual procedures can make suggestions to optimize production-related design during the bid preparation phase. Since they are always on location, our quality assurance engineers can quickly troubleshoot quality problems in the production of our contractual partners and suppliers who have met our qualifications. our 10 years out experience and networking with local suppliers protect you from typical surprises that often arise when purchasing parts directly from China. The manufacturing procedures of G.W.P. AG are based on DIN and ISO standards and ensure that your customers receive the specified quality. Certification according to ISO 9001 by the Rhineland Technical Inspectorate is concluded in june of 2009. 

We encourage you to determine our quality beforehand. We would be glad to send you an example similar to your request for your review. Feel free to contact us! G.W.P. has been a reliable partner for many years with many companies. Ask us for a list of references!

G.W.P. pass a professional complaint management system (CAR) through which immediate measures are taken and preventative improvements are implemented and documented. Ask for our process overview in case of complaints. In case of complaints, it is easiest to send us an e-mail with the following information: Delivery slip number, delivery date, project name, precise description of the part and precise description of the problem. In addition,we will need the relevant parts for a review with the problem area marked.

If the complaint is justified, we will generally issue a credit memo. In exceptions, we reserve the right to make improvements.

Legal Certainty

All contracts are included with G.W.P. AG headquartered in Teltow, and German law is applicable. G.W.P. is a German corporation that values legal compliance and reliability. We seek to develop a trustworthy, long-term relationship with our customers.

All of the product information that we exchange for their customers is of course confidential, and the same holds true for our Chinese branches.

The customer is of course primarily responsible for product protection. G.W.P. will however offer support to the best of its ability against piracy. If product information has to be passed on to suppliers, only the most necessary information regarding the parts will be communicated. Confidentiality is supported by having different suppliers manufacture different components and assembling them ourselves. 

If you so desire, we will contact your existing suppliers and organize a smooth transition for your future deliveries.
Yes, as a manufacturing service provider that offers a range of production methods, G.W.P.specializes in tailored production and assembly. When you submit a query, we will also need an assembly drawing in addition to the parts drawings.
Yes, that is not a problem. G.W.P. will charge an appropriate surcharge for the ordered material or will procure the material from the customer's supplier under the same conditions.
We use the requested alloys for production. If these are not available or difficult to come by in China, we offer alloys based on other international industrial standards that approximate the requested alloys. You can find the precise composition of the alloys in a comparative overview of German, American and Chinese standards on the Download page of our website.
We would be glad to manufacture and test components made of special materials. This will be invoiced based on cost. Be sure to plan a sufficient amount of time.

If the customer does not provide any tolerances in the drawings, we use the following recognized standards:

  1. Lathing, milling and drilling (including any finishing of metal cast parts): ISO 2768
  2. Injection molded aluminum: DIN 1688 (without finishing)
  3. Zinc die casting: DIN 1687 (without finishing)
  4. Stamping: ISO 2768

In such cases we work with specialists in Germany.

In your query, please provide us with all the requirements and standards and the name of the powder manufacturer. We will determine feasibility and create samples beforehand if necessary. If different areas are to be coated differently or remain without a coating, please provide a drawing for the coating. 

G.W.P. specializes in small to medium sized batches. We are not set up to manufacture the millions of units that are generally required by automobile manufacturers. We would be glad to consider queries for small batches. G.W.P. is not certified for automotive production according to ISO/TS 16949.
The most important technical information can be found on our website under "Download". If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact our technical services at or phone us at +49 30 757744-0.

Yes, we can provide a RoHS certificate for the components that we manufacture that certifies the restricted use of certain hazardous materials in electrical and electronic devices (EC Directive 2011/65/EU). Please request this in your query.

Yes, customer-specific packaging is feasible. Please supply specific information in your query, or let us suggest various options.

We can temporarily store the manufactured components and assemblies for you and deliver partial quantities as needed. Please specify the corresponding request in your query.

The marketing team in can be reached on work days from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and frequently afterwards. Beyond German holidays, deliveries may be restricted by Chinese holidays, about which we will inform our customers in a timely manner. During the three weeks of the main holiday season in Germany, the office of G.W.P. will be closed and will only be manned by an emergency staff.

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