CAD drawing service

Creation of 2D drawings & 3D models of mechanical components

Do you need CAD support?

We are your contact for technical drawings of mechanical components:

  • Creation of CAD files and 3-D models from 2-D drawings
  • Digitize your old paper drawings and designs (in all conventional CAD formats).
  • Review of CAD drawings for conformity with the DIN and ISO
  • Change and adaptation of design drawings when the manufacturing procedure changes

CAD serviceCAD 3D modelCAD Center


We are able to offer you our services under very favorable conditions. Submit an economical offer for fast and uncomplicated service!!


G.W.P. Manufacturing Services AG
CAD Center
Rheinstraße 10 C
14513 Teltow

Tel. +49 3328 330 66-0
Fax. + 49 3328 330 66-10

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