Diecasting in small and medium-sized batches

Quality is our foundation

Do you need complex diecast parts in small and medium-size batches?

G.W.P. specializes in the economical manufacture of high quality diecast parts in small and medium batches. Low-cost molds for diecast parts give our customers the decisive edge. Depending on the component, we can offer diecast parts at competitive prices starting at approximately 300 units. Our thorough quality assurance yields diecast parts with consistent product quality.

G.W.P. offers the following diecasting methods:

Die casting part anodizedDie casting partDie casting plate powder paintedLuminaire housing die casting

The diecasting process

Diecasting is an industrial casting process for manufacturing cast parts of aluminum, zinc, magnesium or brass. The molten metal is pressed under high pressure into the die where it hardens and is then automatically ejected. A diecasting die can contain several cavities. Depending on the die, series ranging from approximately 300 to 400,000 molded parts can be produced due to the high output of the dies. Diecasting allows parts to be manufactured with very thin walls and smooth surfaces and edges. Due to the high strength, very good dimensional accuracy and reproducibility, diecasting is the optimum casting procedure for complex components and demanding applications, both in terms of quality and economy.

G.W.P. works with cold chamber and hot chamber diecasting machines with up to 500 tons clamping force, and specializes in quality dies that are designed for small and medium-size batches up to 50,000 shots. To achieve superior quality, we use CNC machining centers to finish the cast parts. If desired, we will add tailored components to your diecast parts in additional production steps and will assemble these into modules and assemblies.

Diecast components are used in many branches of industry for housings, covers, fittings or mountings. Depending on the requirements, we supply diecast surfaces for decorative uses, improved corrosion protection or improved wear resistance. Depending on the alloy and finishing process, diecast parts can be provided with the following surfaces: Sandblasting, glass bead blasting, barrel finishing, brushing, polishing, phosphating, passivating, powder coating, wet painting, eloxating, copper plating, nickel plating, screen printing or pad printing.

A schematic animation of the die casting process appears when you click on the following thumbnail:


Advantages of diecasting:

  • Suitable for thin-walled, complex component geometries
  • High level of dimensional accuracy with high process stability
  • Favorable strength
  • Smooth surfaces and edges
  • Short casting cycles
  • Very economical

Alloys for diecasting

We use all conventional international light and heavy-metal alloys for manufacturing. You can download a comparison of possible alloys according to DIN EN, ASTM (USA), JIS (Japan) or GB/T (China) from »Download«.

Diecasting services

  • Diecast parts weighing 4 - 5,000 g
  • Cold chamber and hot chamber diecasting machines with up to 500 tons clamping force
  • Production in accordance with DIN 1687, DIN 1688 and ISO 8062
  • Finishing in accordance with ISO 2768-1, etc.
  • CAD center for the conventional file formats of DXF and STEP

Development partner for diecasting

G.W.P. offers support from the beginning for optimized production (design to cost), creates 3D models if needed, supplies design and function prototypes, creates service-life-optimized diecasting dies, and manufactures ready-to-install molded parts or assemblies.

G.W.P. offers everything from a single source! – Save unnecessary coordination, stress and costs!

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